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“You cannot solve problems with the same thinking used to create them.”  Albert Einstein

About NPO Strategies

NPO Strategies is a boutique firm with a global reach. We are your consultant, advisor, and partner in change. By combining organizational theory and social-psychology perspectives, we help clients identify areas of need, develop realistic and sustainable solutions, and execute processes that achieve results.



Continuous holistic development of mission-driven organizations and professionals at all stages.


Our Approach

NPO Strategies provides clients with objective feedback designed to promote sound business and life decisions. Our focus is geared towards increasing capacities, encouraging innovative thinking, and creating sustainable programs and actionable processes for our clients. Whether it’s a nascent idea, personal or professional development, or strategic improvement, NPO Strategies is there from concept to implementation. We excel in the business of capacity development.

Our Values

Integrity: We believe in doing what is right and remaining reliable in every situation for every client no matter what. 

Service: We believe in exceeding expectations, actively listening, and placing client needs at the center of all we do.

Accountability: We believe it is our responsibility to take 100% personal ownership of our commitment to our clients.

Altruism: We believe in giving back to our community: national and international.

Why Choose NPO Strategies?

We care about our clients success and go beyond what is expected to get your desired results. We are your on-call partner, an extension of your team, and take our client’s satisfaction seriously. We make it a rule to “remain in our lane” and therefore never engage in a project that we cannot deliver. Our services are geared towards small non-profits and NGO’s to global change-makers. We know that success is not achieved in a silo and employ an exceptional professional network to draw upon to get your project completed on-time and within the agreed budget. The most important reason to Choose US, we excel in engaging, equipping, and empowering clients in the nascent stage of development: organizational or professional.

About Yolanda Baker-Oseitutu

connecting passion to purpose ~purpose to vison ~vision to strategy ~ to initiate change

NPO Strategies Founder and President, Yolanda Baker-Oseitutu, has an exceptional ability to bring clarity to chaos. She is known for blending unrelated concepts into innovative solutions and her discerning approach to breaking down issues. As a consultant and advisor, her process is objective and imbued with patience. She brings 20 years of corporate, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial experience and a background in psychology and business to each project, allowing her to provide practical, evidence-based guidance and strategies.

Yolanda began consulting, coaching, and advising in 2005 and has worked with nonprofits, grassroots organizations, foundations, small businesses, and professionals college-age and above. She has amassed the experience and acumen to address the challenges imposed upon her clients at every stage of development: startup to established, both personal and professional. Her goal is to provide personal and holistic support to clients through their journey of transformation.

Yolanda holds a B.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, a Master’s in Nonprofit and Association Management, and is a candidate for a Master’s in Professional Counseling. She holds several psychometric assessment certifications and is an active member of various industry associations.

In her off-time, Yolanda remains active in her community service. She has a passion for international short-term missional service and has worked with nonprofits from Washington, DC to Atlanta, GA, as well as in Africa, Haiti, and the Bahamas. She is an avid reader, enjoys writing and traveling.

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