What We Do

We Turn Chaos into Clarity, Challenges Into Opportunities, and Goals Into Actions



Nonprofit Consulting: 

NPO Strategies expertise in strategic clarity and alignment, board governance, volunteer management, and development audits help our clients increase organizational capacity and reach missional goals. We help nonprofit organizations address essential questions about their mission, vision, social impact, programs and operations. We listen to all perspectives and determine how they can best use their resources to make lasting change.

Focus Areas

  • Organizational Development
  • Development Audit
  • Board Governance and Management
  • Volunteer Management

Professional Development:


Professional development is purposed toward individual clients who are seeking guidance and direction with professional transitions whether they be by choice or circumstance. Using psychologically developed assessments, we work one-on-one to navigate the vicissitudes of your transition. We identify weaknesses and strengths as they relate to new roles, requirements, and perspectives. Together, we create a practical and achievable action plan for continued growth and professional satisfaction.  

Focus Areas

  • Career Coaching
  • Professional Development
  • Life Coaching

Young Adults

We identify learning style, behavioral traits, motivations, interests, and explore individual possibilities. We create personal success plans and implement strategies to make better, more informed decisions regarding education, career, and life.

Focus Areas

  • Education Coaching
  • Young Professionals
  • Youth Leadership

Organizational Development

We work with small to mid-size for-profit businesses to develop programs and strategies that align community engagement initiatives with business values and employee motivations. We connect passion to purpose to initiate change.

Focus Areas

  • Social Responsibility and Engagement
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Business Coaching